ABOUT California Farms

VANFCHATER is among the few top  livestock production companies in Morocco and Europe.

California Farms founded in 2018. Over the past year, the company has gradually focused mainly on the production of livestock in its farms in Morocco. For successful production of the company we use the latest technologies in this field and we have a team of experienced and professional experts in various fields of the industry that are required for us to deliver successful production at a very high quality and in a massive quantity. We cover all levels in the industry from Distributers, Wholesaler, and butchery shops. Our trading is not only covering MENA it also extends to Europe and especially in the Netherlands.



California Farms mission is to provide all consumers at all levels with the best products and at very high quality.


To be number one seller and provider of livestock in Morocco.

Commitment through investment

During the early 2018s, California Farms entered a period of restructuring and reinvestment that took it from a decentralized structure to a centralized structure. The aim: to establish ourselves as a low-cost producer so that our consumers can enjoy high-quality products at an affordable price


Our success is driven by a combination of factors. Our dedicated team under the leadership of our supportive Board and visionary management. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, incorporating centralized farms and advanced processing plants. And our talent for innovation reinforced by world-class marketing and distribution expertise.

Diversifying success

Our growth strategy encompasses diversification through innovation, geographical expansion and organic growth of our livestock. We are using the best technologies, equipment and strategies to insure the best affordable and high-quality products.