Breeding dairy cows in the Netherlands

Dairy cows are bred in the Netherlands in several types, the most famous of which is the Holstein cows, as they are one of the most species used in the production and manufacture of dairy in many quantities.
As the milking cow is 1.5 meters long from shoulder to ground, that is, it is a strong cow with strong health.
The dairy cow weighs more than 700 kg, which weighs more than 1500 lbs. The cows are fattened and fattened on farms and pastures in the Netherlands for a lifespan of up to 25 or 30 years. The dairy cows in the Netherlands are famous for producing a lot of milk.
The most famous cow is the black-and-white monkey, and in Holland, there are many crossbreeds of cows.
The Netherlands is producing a new breed of international crossbreed, and the Netherlands is one of the largest cow-producing countries, and the European Union is the first in raising cows.
As the United States of America raises cows, it achieves a surplus of milk, cheese, and products produced by cows, after the United States of America, India, Russia, and Brazil are countries famous for dairy cow farms.